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Deck and Patio Service

Majic Landscape is an experienced group of deck and patio contractors that specializes in building your dreamy backyard. By letting us know which type of deck and patio services you require, Our professional team of contractors will be able to provide you with the best option based on your preferences,
property and budget.

Whatever you need, a deck, patio or both, will be constructed with the best
quality according to the homeowners’ approved plans that match the construction requirements such as safety and setbacks. Our organization is a family-operated company which offers a variety of highest quality deck and patio services for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.

You might wonder what would be the best option for you, well, we are here to give you a hand!

Deck and patio contractor

We are Very Professional in our Work

Your chosen deck or patio can be the unique exterior feature of a home since they have distinct characteristics. All of them can give you an extra and attractive living space in outdoors and can be amazing places to relax, enjoy a nice barbecue and spend some quality time with your family and friends.

Concrete and Flagstone are 2 common types of patio. Concrete is a durable material for patio construction. It is easy to maintain and its susceptibility to cracking over time due to wintertime cycles makes it a great option since water drainage plays an important role in protecting your patio.

As for Flagstone patios, they are made by a lengthy accumulation procedure where organic and mineral sediments gradually layer to create a heavy stone. They come in different colors and the most commonly available ones are blue, buff and red. They also have some regional varieties and the most popular ones tend to be Arizona sandstone and Pennsylvania bluestone. Like Concrete patios, it is also important that Flagstone patios take proper water drainage into account since flagstone is susceptible to erosion and splitting.

On the other hand, we have 3 common types of decks which include Wood deck, Vinyl deck and Composite deck. For a long time, redwood and cedar were the only options you had among the wood decks, nowdays, there are several choices including Mahogany and Ipe which are more tropical hardwoods.

However, this kind of pressured wood is not highly recommended for modern decks as they are not built for constant sun exposure and is prone to twisting . Although redwood happened to be one of the most famous decking materials, unfortunately it’s only available on the west coast now.

Cedar needs refinishing every year and lasts a couple of decades like redwood. Mahogany is a durable hardwood that can last a few decades but it needs to be sealed and stained every single year.

Ipe is another durable wood from South America that is naturally resistant to rot. It also lasts a few decades and must be sealed every year. Vinyl decks which are also called PVC decks are highly popular and recommended as they are made of polyvinyl chloride, have no wood content, are more durable than hardwood decks and are not susceptible to rot. They come with a wide choice of color but the most popular ones are gray, white, tans and browns. You will only have to spray it down once in a while to look as good as new.

If you’re looking for a combination, Composite decks are your ideal. They are made of recycled polyethylene and wood fibers to give you the texture and look of real wood with the durability of polyvinyl. Composite decks, like the Vinyl ones, have a variety of color to choose. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance, just give your composite deck a good wash every 3 to 4 years to look clean.

In comparison, If you want to look out onto your backyard, decks usually offer better views than patios based on their elevation. This could be an appealing choice especially if you live near the seaside. On the other hand, if you like a bit of privacy, patios built low to the ground and close to the home can be a great choice, particularly the ones that are enclosed with a roof or walls.

As for maintenance, patios are way easier to do so since wood needs to be sealed, washed and repainted every couple of years which is also time consuming while patios are prone to stains and cracks. Patios also have a longer lifespan but a lower resale value than decks. In opposition to patios, decks can be built on uneven land but patios require flat ground underneath.

All in all, we make sure your perfect deck or patio suits your style and property with the highest quality available and a reasonable price. We will help you determine which option works in your favor and budget. Start planning about your perfect deck or patio and give our skilled team a call to build one (or more) in your backyard.

Frequently asked Question

Our decking materials are wood and trex composite.

Every additional charge is going to be discussed with the customer ahead of time

Yes, we are licensed and insured.

Our supervisor will be onsite for the full project.

Please contact us directly to get some references.

Why should Majic Landscaping be your choice?

Our company offers professional and detailed job. When it comes to the deck and patio, we ensure the deck is perfectly leveled and There are no significant gaps between the boards. We can also design the deck by making it multi-level and curved and adding a bench with the color of your choice, which makes your yard a lot more stylish.

We offer free estimates, reasonable prices, and high availability.

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