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Retaining Wall Services

Retaining wall is a construction that is used to block out the lateral pressure caused by soil materials behind the wall structure. Besides, retaining walls can give your landscape a fascinating view!

Our trained and experienced team of retaining wall contractors are here to help you plan and build your flawless retaining walls based on your style.

retaining wall services

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There are some advantages and disadvantages of installing retaining walls. You have tons of options to choose from among the retaining walls but the most popular ones are Gravity retaining walls, Cantilevered retaining walls, Anchored retaining walls and Sheet Piling retaining walls.

Gravity retaining walls are the most famous and popular types of retaining walls as they have been the first of its kind to be created. They rely on their own weight to resist the filling pressure of earth and retaining soil but tend to take too much space if their height goes above 3m as the ground underneath gets heavy which ends up in failing to shift soil. They come with variety of types such as Concrete, Brick, Stone, Timber and Gabion. The price starts from $5 to $80 per square meter based on the materials used.

As for its types, Concrete retaining walls can give your landscape a fantastic view since these retaining walls need skilled contractors as they require to be customized according to your taste. That’s why our team can be a great help. Also, Concrete is one of the most durable materials used so the walls need to be installed by professionals. Concrete is the material can be used in almost all of the retaining walls’ construction. Using Concrete will cost around $15 to $80 per square meter.

Brick retaining walls have a classic appeal and come in different colors but unlike Concrete, Brick doesn’t offer you many options for customizing so you might get tired of its view after a while. The beneficial part of the Brick retaining walls is that they can be used in properties which are resistant to weather. Using Brick will cost around $15 to $45 per square meter.

Stone retaining walls have a very strong a rich appeal and they are popular because of their capability of being painted in different shades. Same as Concrete, Stone is highly long-lasting and needs to be handled by skilled contactors. Using stone will cost around $25 to $40 per square meter.

Timber retaining walls give you the appeal of wood but they might not go well with some landscapes as wood is prone to crack, rot and it’s not capable of handling moisture. Using timber will cost around $15 to $30 per square meter.

Gabion retaining walls may not be everyone’s cup of tea as they give you a distorted look. They are resistant to flood and erosion but may rust in a few years. Using gabion will cost around $5 to $20 per square meter.

Moving on to Cantilevered retaining walls, they are made of a concrete base which is deeply into the soil makes them look like a L-shaped or inverted T-shaped foundation which benefits the walls by not tipping forward. One of the best qualities of these walls is that unlike Gravity retaining walls, their construction doesn’t need an open space behind the wall and are suitable for heights of up to 5m. Prices for Cantilevered retaining walls start from $20 to $40 per square meter.

On the other hand, Sheet Piling retaining walls consist of interconnected piles of wood, vinyl or steel driven into the soil to avoid its movement near the foundation. Sheet Piling retaining walls, unlike the Cantilevered ones, don’t need any excavation. They are generally used to structure water fronts or in building quays, wharfs and piers. But you have to be careful with the area of use as they are not very suitable to install on top of rocks and cobbles. They can be used for heights of 6m or less. Sheet Piling retaining walls will cost $10 to $50 per square meter.

And finally, Anchored retaining walls, an anchor is driven into the rock, soil or other used materials to prevent soil erosion and are additionally supported by attached cables or strips. They are made to support heavier loads so the concrete stem doesn’t require to be as thick. They can save up much space as they are slimmer than other options and have a reliable score of stability. They can be installed up to heights of 12m depending on the soil conditions. The cost of Anchored retaining walls will cost $10 to $30 per square meter.

All in all, you can choose among tons of retaining wall options based on your style, budget and preference. Just start planning and let us know so our experienced group can build your dreamy retaining walls!



Frequently asked Question

Most retaining divisions, whether load-bearing or not, average between 3 and 4 feet in height. Generally, you do not want to build any structure over 4 feet in height without including some structural support.

These structures offer a variety of advantages, adding operation and visual attractiveness to landscape styles. While aesthetically pleasing, they act as boundary lines between properties, prevent flooding, and reduce soil erosion from wind and rain. Terraced retaining walls are also ideal for those who live on slopes. Terraced holding walls also are ideal for people who go on slopes. The versatile structure will even be wont to produce gardens, flower beds, and walkways, serving to you utilize the house.

The number one reason for wall failure is poor evacuation. If an excessive amount of water gets absorbed into the soil behind the wall, the hydrostatic pressure will progress the wall inflicting it to bow out or crumble.