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Fencing Service

In the olden days, the city did not have so many guards and fences, the windows were tall and high, facing the street, there were no walls between the houses, there were boxwood, cement platforms, etc. The architecture was extroverted, the space was opening up. These days, all houses have fences, guards, security cameras, and anti-theft doors. In addition to the presence of bush, fences have also found their place in landscaping.

Any home with a large backyard or balcony deserves some privacy. A place where homeowners can relax, enjoy outdoor cooking and entertain their guests. You need to know what kind of fence you need for your backyard or outdoor space.

Majic Landscape company is proud to undertake the execution and installation of fences and installs various types of fences. Such as:

  • Wooden fences
  • Wired fences
  • Composite fences
fencing service

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Wooden fences

Today’s wooden fences can be used in all kinds of locations, such as:

  • Interior spaces as a decorative product
  • Terrace or balcony of different units as parapet
  • Use as a fence and fence
  • Environments next to gardens, pavilions, and pools
  • And so are the stairs

Therefore, it depends on your taste and the designer, where you chose for the fence, we at Majic Landscape respect your taste.

Wired fences

Wire fences are very necessary and play a huge role in our lives. They can be used for aesthetic, security, safety, industrial or agricultural purposes.

Wire fence is one of the most common types of fence. It is usually installed to have a wide variety of things like farm chickens, farm livestock, prisoners, zoo animals, and many more. It is also used to define boundaries in certain areas.

In residential areas, wire fencing is used to protect property from thieves and intruders, and to keep pets safe in your yard.

Various types of wire fences are used in landscaping, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Woven wire fence
  • Welded wire fence
  • barbed wire fence
  • Electric wire fence
  • Protective netting for chicken and rooster nests


And the material that is used in wire fences is also diverse, we mention some of them below:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel wire
  • Coated wire fence
  • galvanized wire
  • Powder-coated wire
  • Electronic cover wire


Wire fences have one of the best quality for use in areas:

Below are some examples of the advantages of wire fences:

  • It has maximum durability and strength that can last a lifetime
  • Can highly resist corrosion, harmful chemicals, and rust
  • Very ideal for places with high humidity
  • It has an attractive look
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Can withstand high and low temperatures
  • Can withstand all types of weather
  • Easy to cut, weld, fabricate and shape

Composite Fencing

Composite is a popular choice and has many benefits, such as:

Available in various colors and styles

They are not susceptible to termites and do not catch fire easily.

Due to the lack of maintenance, they are widely used.

These fences consist of connections, bases, and fences. They are also easy to install.

They give a beautiful look to your yard and this fencing option is suitable for homeowners who like to keep their yard beautiful without the need for home maintenance.

These features make them an ideal option for quick projects.

Majic Landscape Company is proud to install all types of wooden, wire, and composite fences with the highest quality.

Characteristics of good fences

  1. Guardrails should be made in such a way that they have high strength and durability so that the owners and builders have enough peace of mind about the security of their building. Of course, a guard is used to ensure the security of buildings. Sometimes, profit-seeking and unskilled people use unprincipled methods to build unsafe and ineffective guards.
  1. The fences must have a standard density. Some manufacturers reduce the number of bars and increase the distance between them so that their costs are lower and thus reduce the safety, durability, and life of the fence. And we at Majic Landscape can identify these defects during the installation of the fences and make changes in the fences according to your decision in installing the fences.
  1. The material of the rods or branches should be made of iron or grade 1 steel, but in addition to the material, the weight of the material used changes the price, and the more efficient and compact it is, the higher the price of protection.
  1. The appropriate height of the fence is usually between half a meter and 1.5 meters, which are made in various models, and the height changes are effective in determining the price of each meter of the fence.
  2. The best color for painting the guards is powder paint, although they may seem a little more expensive at first, don’t sacrifice high quality for a cheaper price, repainting them requires much more time and money.

Which stair railing is affordable?

  1. All things considered, wood will be the most economical material for you to buy. While pressed wood has a low price, the cost of natural wood is high, but this is only related to the preparation of the material. At the installation stage, we at Majic Landscape are ready to serve you at the fairest price.

Which of the fences is easier to install?

Those looking to install their own deck fencing can purchase pre-made kits of composite and vinyl, aluminum, steel, glass, and cable fencing systems. Buying these from a good manufacturer will ensure that they arrive pre-assembled. This means that the only thing you have to do is to install these options, and as a result, finding a skilled and knowledgeable installer who will make this step easy for you is more important than any other step.

Majic Landscape can come to your aid here, you multiply your satisfaction by trusting Majic Landscape.

we are insured and licensed and install your fences at a very reasonable cost and in the shortest time and with high quality (approximately 60 linear feet per day).

Frequently asked Question

Yes, we are insured and licensed

We do wood, wire, and composite fences

Yes, we will confirm with utility companies before we start the project

We do a quality job in the shortest time (approximately 60 linear feet per day)

Please feel free to bring any changes you have in mind; we will accommodate as much as possible.